There is a large amount of taiji video of widely variable quality on the internet these days. This is a boon to the modern student making it somewhat easier to learn the forms, as long as one does not get bogged down in watching too much video at the expense of training. Also, neuroscience teaches us that watching poor quality movement will make negative impressions on our brains, so please avoid watching videos simply for the purpose of scorning the less proficient!

Here are some videos we like:

2014 Chen Xiaowang demo alongside Yang style -

2016 Chen Xiaowang demo -

Lao Jia Yi Lu (Old Form First Routine) –

Pao Cui (Cannon Fist Old Form) –

9 movement form –

Challenge with Asia’s Strongest Man –

Demo with top Chen stylists in Chenjiagou for Chen Xiaowang’s 70th birthday –

Applications at Chenjiagou –